Monday, 27 March 2017

Guidelines for Teams Participating in the Grand Finale of Smart India Hackathon 2017

Dear Students,

We are quite sure that you all will be very excited about the Grand Finale of Smart India Hackathon 2017 on 1st and 2nd April. It is also very heartening to see that large of student teams are active on social media and promoting our initiative. We are also getting huge number of queries related to travel, accommodation and other logistic support. Hence, we have created following guidelines for students, which they need to follow for smoothly conducting the Grand Finale of Smart India Hackathon 2017. 

1) As you are aware, 1250+ teams with 10,000+ participants are going to compete on 1st and 2nd April across 26 different cities by working non-stop for 36 hrs. As the scale of this initiative is unprecedented and our budgets are limited, we are keen on requesting all the participants to cooperate with host institutions in every possible manner in case of some inconveniences. We want you to enjoy the process of Hackathon rather than complaining about lodging, boarding and logistics.

2) As informed earlier, the accommodation for students and mentors will be very basic (likely in Hostel or dormitory). At some locations, Classrooms will be converted to dormitories. Students will certainly get a bed (no cot assured) and in a room, we might accommodate many students. Boys and Girls will be provide separate accommodation. For more details regarding accommodation, Food and transport request you to directly contact the respective Students Coordinators appointed by college. Request you to kindly adjust and cooperate. This problem might be more acute at Nagpur centers has 80+ teams competing

3) Accommodation will be ONLY provided to Team Members (6 students + 2 Mentors) based on letter from team's college. Any other college coordinator or family member/relative accompanying the team need to make his/her own arrangements. Please DO NOT request host institution to make arrangements for them. Let us avoid unpleasant discussions.

4) Bring your own towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, hair oil, comb, shaving kit, bathroom slippers and other required toiletries. You may also get a shawl to cover yourself at night while sleeping. We request you to check the weather/temperature of your nodal city and bring clothes accordingly. 

5) The host institutions will make arrangements for your Food and Snacks from 31st March Evening (Dinner) to 3rd March afternoon (lunch/brunch). If you are planning to arrive before or depart later than the prescribed period, then you will have to pay for your food and snacks. 

6) If teams are arriving on 30th March, then college can provide accommodation but for food,  students need to take care of themselves.  

7) If you are on any special medication or suffering with any medical condition, then we request you to inform your host institutions in advance, so that they can make appropriate arrangements. Also you can get along with you basic First Aids kit and some basic drugs like Dettol, Antacids, Combiflam, Vicks,etc. 

8) As you might be travelling to another part to India, changes in drinking water or food may affect your digestive system/cycle. Hence, it is recommended that you carry few tablets of anti-diarrhea and anti-dysentery drugs. 

9) Please dump waste in designated dustbins and not anywhere in the campus. We are all committed to Swatch Bharat. 

10) Regarding IT/Hardware, please ensure that you bring all the required hardware along with you. To know more about IT/hardware requirement please check this link

11) As stated earlier, we are trying to make arrangements for internet with high speed but then also there is very high possibility that the speed might become a problem, if large number of Laptops/PCs simultaneously connect to the network. Request you to ensure that you dependencies on internet are minimal.

12) During the 36 hrs Hackathon, all students are expected to code. The students will not be allowed to leave the campus. Rest area will be arranged near to actual Hackathon venue. Separate rest areas are for boys and girls. 

13) Students/Teams not coding and roaming will be immediately disqualified and asked to leave the competition. They will NOT even get the certificate of participation. We are here to code and work.  

14) If you any of the teams require PCs during the Finale, then please contact the respective the students' coordinator.

15) All students are expected to strictly follow the norms/rules of the host colleges and ensure that  no damage is done to their property during your stay. We believe that all the selected students are good and talented youngsters and your behavior should give moral boost to the host institutions, so that they continue to support this initiative even in future. 

16) Some colleges are planning to arrange for pickup and drop for student teams from train station/airport/bus stand. For others, the colleges will inform you about the route and mode of transport you need to take to reach the venue/hostel. AICTE will NOT reimburse for any local transport.

17) AICTE will only reimburse tickets for the direct/shortest route for 2nd Class (Sleeper Class, NON AC) railway fair. If tickets are booked in Tatkal, then AICTE will reimburse the Tatkal charges. Our FAQs section has all the relevant information in this regard. Soon we will share with you New Format of TA form.

18) We hope that your standees and backdrops are ready. Also hope to see some really colorful T-shirts. Guidelines for T-shirts and Standees are already published. If they are ready then start sharing with us the pics. 

19) We will soon share with you a comprehensive 'Students Guide' highlighting Do's and Dont's


Now, we will have 4 Prizes for each center. For centers working for ministries, the top 3 prizes are from Ministries/Department while for 'Students' Voice' Category the top 3 prizes are Sponsored by 'Deloitte Innovation'. Apart from three prizes, now we one additional 'Inspiration' Prize Sponsored by Persistent Systems Limited.
1st Prize          :          Rs. 1.0 lakh
2nd  Prize        :          Rs. 75,000
3rd Prize         :          Rs. 50,000
Inspiration      :          Rs. 10,000

The prize money will NOT be paid in cash at the venue. It will be paid later directly by RTGS Bank Transfer (after completing the formal process in the ministry and tax deduction) to the account of team members. This process may take about 1 month to complete. The prize money will be distributed equally (divided by 8) among team members and mentors .  

Gala Event in Delhi

The winners from all centers will be invited to Delhi for another Gala event in 2nd Week of April (On Sunday). AICTE will take care of all the expenses. We have still not started working on the details of this function. So please do not ask any more questions at this juncture.  

Hope you will understand and appreciate
When an initiative of this magnitude is planned, it requires humongous efforts and some mistakes are bound to happen from all the parties involved in this process. We sincerely request you to accommodate our shortcomings and join this movement in true spirit of nationalism. The success of our efforts are not based on how well are the logistics or arrangements but it will depend more upon how we can stimulate young students to think out-of-the-box and build innovative digital solutions. 

!!We all are lucky to be part of Inaugural Edition of Smart India Hackathon!!
!! Best Luck for the Grand Finale !! 


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  2. Sir kindly update us with the details for the gala event!