Friday, 17 March 2017

Wish to Win More Prizes? Promote Grand Finale of Smart India Hackathon 2017 over Social Media

Friends, You all will agree that together we are on the verge of creating history in Digital India Movement. We all are working hard and challenging ourselves to do our best. Unfortunately, still world is not aware about our Smart India Hackathon initiative. 

What we should do to make our presence felt across the globe on social media? What we should do so that world media takes cognizance of our initiative? what we should do so that Indian media writes about us in big way? 

We want India Media to write about our efforts, teams, reach, winners, innovative ideas so that you all will get exposure and more and more youngsters are inspired to participate next year. 

We need to create huge social media buzz around our Smart India Hackathon 2017. We have more than 10,000 youngsters as participants but hardly people are aware about our nation building initiative. Wish to know from you what we should do to ensure that we reach masses.

Today i4c announces 'Five Prizes of Rs.5000 each' for top five teams actively promoting our 'Smart India Hackathon 2017' initiative over social media.

Let us capture the imagination of the world! Let us make world wait eagerly about the outcome of Smart India Hackathon! Let us tell the world very loudly that 'we are the best; India is the best'! Join Us Now! Let us not waste time! 

Use Hashtag #SIH2017 for all social media interaction. Use our twitter handle @IndiaKaIdea in all the interactions. You need to like, share and subscribe. Our Facebook page is innovations.

Only teams participating in Smart India Hackathon 2017 are eligible for winning Prizes 

Duration: 18th March to 1st April.

Sometimes Tag the Ministry you are working so that they can amplify.

Sometimes tag print Media organizations like Time of India, The Hindu, Hindustan Time, Indian Express etc.  OR Electronic media like Times Now, AajTak, IndiaTV, etc. We should think of Vernacular as well as global media houses.

Tag groups/communities which discuss technology.

Talk about your project, technology you plan to use, impact you will create, Ministry you are working

Take multiple approaches.

1) For example, Teams working for Railways should tag Railways and sometime even Railway Minister.
2) Request Minister of the department for whom you are working to join us as Chief Guests during the Grand Finale. Eg Team working for Road Transport should request Hon'ble Nitin Gadkari to come to Nagpur on 1st April.

Finally, Each team will share with us their reach on social media on 1st April and top 5 teams will get prizes. 


  1. Yeah we will promote this to a almost whole nation.....♡♡♡

  2. should i promote IndiakaIdea twitter account for huge followers base worldwide, Team Think Tree

  3. I will try my best to promote smart India hackathon sir

  4. Sorry to interrupt at this page sir. I'm the mentor for one of the teams selected from Hyderabad. Our main concern for planning right now is that will we be enforced to stay on the site at all times, since one of our team member has medical issues and cannot do so. Would appreciate an answer sir.

  5. Ok.. We will give special consideration to your team member on making request

    1. Thank you very much sir. Do I have to make the request onsite or shoot an email now?

  6. Marketing is important than building the product....

    Market sih17

  7. I will surely promote Smart India Hackathon . Though my idea is not get selected but I appreciate this initiative . Thank you Sir for providing this platform . At least we came to know about those problems which were unknown to us .
    Once again THANK YOU .

  8. Respected Sir,
    How can we show our social reach and on which basic? Please explain.

    Awaiting for your reply!

  9. What is your instagram official handel.
    Is it official ??

  10. super sir! Are there any prizes ministry vise?

  11. Sir, Can we tell our friends to share this on their social platforms as well ? By this way, we can promote SIH2017 in big number.

    P.S. We will tell them to write our Team Name at the end of their posts.

  12. Respected Dr. Jere
    We are the mentor of team desire code but unfortunately in the mail we received the email and phone number of team leader was mentioned Worng. Kindly let us know about this correction. We had sent a mail but not received any clarification yet from your side.
    Thank you.