Saturday, 22 April 2017

Moving Forward With Smart India Hackathon 2017 :: Converting Prototypes Into Real Robust Products

Greetings! Writing after long time. First, Congratulations to all for making 'Smart India Hackathon 2017' a great success. Soon each and every participant (all members of 7531 teams who had submitted ideas/entries in first round) will get 'Certificate of Participation' from i4c. 

Undoubtedly, together, we have established world's biggest open innovation model. Without your support we couldn't have been successful. So THANKS A TON for all. 

As SIH2017 was first of its kind initiative for all of us, we have also learned a lot from our mistakes and your suggestions and will try to improve in next editions. We have already started working on SIH2018 edition and you will see the announcement in coming August.  

We also hope that all winners of SIH2017 will get their prizes by 7th May 2017. If you fail to receive it by 7th May THEN ONLY get in touch with us. Thanks for your patience. 

As always, we are getting large number of queries from participants primarily asking three following questions;
1) When is the Gala event?
2) When prizes for Social Media Campaign of SIH2017 will be announced?
3) Which and How projects from SIH2017 will be taken forward by the ministries?

Though this blog, I will try and answer all the three questions and hope that all the doubts will be cleared.

1) When is the Gala event?
The possibility of proposed 'Gala Event' is very low or almost zero as large number of students are currently in their exams. Also, we are not successful in finding suitable date when all stake holders (eg: Ministry officials, Students, AICTE officials, Industry professionals) are available in Delhi. Moreover, considering severe hot summer in Delhi, we believe that it would not be a good idea to make students travel to Delhi from different parts of the country.  

2) When prizes for Social Media Campaign will be announced?
We are in the process of creating a small system for all the teams to submit their Stats/numbers/impact of their Social Media Campaign which can help us selecting the winning teams. 

I agree, we are quite slow on this process. Currently, our main priority is to engage with ministries for creating the framework for taking selected projects forward. 

Initially, we will ask team to only submit data regarding success of their Social Media Campaign (eg. No. of Posts on Facebook, No of Tweets, Likes, Shares, Total Reach, Re-tweets, Total Impressions created, etc.). Based on the stats provided by the teams, we will shortlist top 20 teams and ask them to email actual 'Screen Shots' of the analytics (as proof) to support their claims. After validating the claims, we will release the prize money from i4c. If teams fail to submit their proof for analytics, then they will NOT be considered for award.

3) Which & How projects will be taken forward with the ministries?
We had multiple meetings with the ministry officials to discuss the methodology for engaging with the teams and taking the interesting projects forward. Currently, we are in the process of creating a 'Framework of Engagement' which all teams need to follow. This Framework will be published in 1st week of May.

More importantly, majority of the ministries (few may not) will engage with only 3-5 teams for taking their projects forward. Ministries need NOT necessarily engage with the winning teams. In some cases, ministries might engage with teams not even selected for power-judging round. 

Please remember: Ministries will select projects based on their immediate requirements and priorities considering their internal functioning. AICTE/i4c has NO say in that decision and it will be solely done by ministries based on their requirements. Please do not unnecessary follow-up with us. 

We have already shared the 'Project Proposal Format' with all the teams selected for power judging rounds and are waiting for information from different ministries regarding teams which they might wish to engage even though those teams were not selected for power judging round. 

If any of the teams selected for power judging round didn't receive our email then teams can proactively start working on creating the proposal. View the proposal template here: 

All the shortlisted teams (teams selected for power judging round + teams recommended by ministries) need to prepare project proposal in the specified format. Once teams are ready with proposal they will be asked to submit the same on MyGov (link will be shared soon).

All teams are allowed to change/replace disinterested members or members passing out from college (and taking jobs) with other interested and competent students. If any team member(s) is/are  replaced then a formal consent from the replaced member(s) is required along with an endorsement from college authorities. 

On receiving the project proposals from the teams, they will be shared with ministry officials for final shortlisting and selection. The selected proposals/teams need to sign an MOU and commit deliverable along with timelines. 

Each ministry will try nominate one domain/IT expert from their side, who can mentor the selected teams and help them re-iterate continuously to match the exact requirements of the ministry and also monitor their development from the ministry’s side. This will ensure that the developed product fits coherently with the existing setup within the ministry.

One industry/technical expert will also be nominated by AICTE in consultation with its Knowledge Partners in order to ensure that the solution developed is at par with the latest technology available.

Majority of the time, the students will work based from their own college campuses.Weekly monitoring of the progress of each team will be done through skype/webex/hangout calls. Also, each team will have to submit a monthly milestone based report regarding the progress made. 

A quad-party MOU will be signed between the Ministry, AICTE, Knowledge Partners and the respective Teams. The college will be asked by AICTE to submit an undertaking that they will provide full support to the teams and its students for the duration of the entire project. 

Intellectual Property (IP) arising out of the solutions developed will reside with the students but the respective ministries will have a lifetime access to the solutions for free. All the students in the respective teams will have to be from the same college in-order to avoid any conflicts related to IP.  

The expected date for commencement of projects is 1st June and final implementation should happen before 30th Nov. The handing over ceremony will be organized in 1st week of December.

We hope that majority of the teams will get opportunity to work with ministries and convert your concept into concrete product. 

Best Luck 

Note: These are tentative General Guidelines and subjected to change based on expectations from each ministry.